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The Zimbabwe University Librarians Consortium (ZULC) was formed in 2001 by (7) seven University Libraries in Zimbabwe to provide resource sharing among members and the community in general. The Consortium is fundamentally driven by the belief that access, as opposed to traditional unqualified ownership, is the most viable strategy to maintain the ideals of the universities in Zimbabwe.

It has also come to the attention of consortium members that international organisations and donor trusts were much more willing to consider support of a joint project among academic libraries in Zimbabwe, as opposed to supporting projects that benefited only one institution. As such seven out of about 11 new and existing universities formed the consortium with the hope that it would strengthen their chances of getting donor support for current and future projects.

The Consortium is set to benefit other institutions and the community in a wider context.

  • The collections will be accessible to those who have need for information.
  • Networking with other institutions in Higher Education will be inevitable.
  • Cooperation in the libraries is likely to stimulate other inter-institutional cooperation e.g. in teaching, research.
  • An extension of the Consortium to include other educational sectors was seen as a later, but logical and very beneficial step.


The Legal and administrative framework will be provided by the mother universities, represented by the Zimbabwe University Vice Chancellors Association (ZUVCA) established in 2000. ZULC is currently formalizing its relationship with the Committee of Vice Chancellors to become an Affiliate of ZUVCA.

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